Save paper with Print Just 1


The problem

You want to save paper but Outlook is wasting it. If you need a printed copy of an email then Outlook is likely to give you much more than you need because the latest message has all the previous messages in the exchange appended to it. You wanted a single sheet but you got many sheets, wasting paper, ink and time – i.e. money.

Picture of printer spewing out paper. Print Just 1 can save paper

The solution


Print Just 1 Logo

Our Print Just 1 add-in allows you to print just what you want – the latest message with everything else trimmed off – just one message or, if you prefer, just one page.

  • Print just the latest message trimmed of all others (Just 1 message)
  • Print just one page trimmed of all others (Just 1 page)
  • Trim and print emails as they arrive
  • Trim and print emails as you send them
  • Show or hide an explanatory footer on printout.
  • Specify disclaimers and other text to be discarded before printing
  • Set options for all or just some users in a company
  • Save paper
  • Save ink (even when you don’t save paper)
  • Save printer use and maintenance
  • Save time dealing with unwanted paper
  • Tailor to your exact requirements
  • Costs less than the savings you will make.


Save paper when printing emails in Outlook

For full details including documentation, video, pricing, testimonials and a free download to enable you to evaluate go to

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